The end of September is just around the corner and we’re finally just getting into a good routine around here.  We’ve been super busy with the gardens, canning, regular day to day stuff and school.  With so many ways to spend my limited free time (knitting, stamping, baking) I came to the realization yesterday that I haven’t actually mopped my kitchen floor since before school began.  Sweeping…yes.  Mopping…no.  The worst part is that I actually moved all the chairs and shoes and backpacks and legos off the floor and swept it with the intention of mopping one night where I found an extra burst of energy. Then I got distracted.  And we moved the chairs back in for breakfast the next morning.  No mopping.  I’m totally okay with this.

We’re reading.  And coloring.  And having picnics. And watching the leaves change. And creating things with lots of cutting and gluing.  And making smoothies.

Some first day of school pictures:


We also squeezed in a rodeo night at the fair with our cousins and a wedding for Uncle Tim.  We’re loving all our time with family and friends as we gear up for fall.



IMG_20150821_100434We’ve been working on harvesting a lot of the garden.  We pickled the green beans (our new favorite thing to do with them) and froze all the peas.  We made some of the zucchini into bread and we’ve been enjoying fresh tomatoes along with dinner.

This weekend we were all out in the garden.  Mason and I were picking all the peas.  Emma and Caleb were eating them.  Every time we would move the colander down the row, Emma would get mad at us.  At one point I smiled at her and said, “well, we’re the ones doing the work.”  She looked sweetly up at me and said, “Mom!  I’m working too!  I’m working on eating these peas!”

And another one from Emma’s world:

Emma: Mom, can you cover up my baby?

Me: Sure. (Pulling the blanket up over her baby doll, tucked under her chin)

Emma: No Mom,  all of baby.  Her face is cold too.

Me: (covering all of baby) How is she going to breathe then?

Emma: (Looking at me like I’m crazy)  Mom, she doesn’t breathe.  She’s a FAKE!

And because school is officially starting tomorrow and for the next 9 months I will be teacher and mom and the one sending Mason to 1st Grade and Emma to Preschool (already!): Dear Teachers: You’re Not Fooling Me.

2 weeks in

Well, we’re officially two weeks into the big return to school.  So far, Mason is loving kindergarten.  He fits right in with his class and has made lots of new friends.  He’s blowing his teachers away with his reading and math skills.  (He totally spent his entire quiet time on Friday counting to 1,000.  He then counted to 1,099 and jumped to 2,000. Not bad!) His favorite time of the day is PE.


Caleb and Emma are loving being at home with Grammie.  Caleb is finally on a great schedule and is sleeping much better.

We’re slowly finding our new routine.  Mason and I are usually out the door just as the sun is peeking over the horizon.  I’m loving our little chats on the way to and from school.  My classroom is all energy (with lots of boys) and they’re making a lot of progress switching from the sub’s way of doing things (just surviving) into my routines and procedures.  It’s going to be a great second half of the year.  Upon my return home it’s dinner with a happy (but clingy) baby on my hip and a sweet girl standing on the chair next to me, helping and soaking up some mom time.

My three-day weekends are just about awesome!  We seem to fill them up quickly with lots of games, making bread and granola, reading books, coloring, making baby food, playing, laundry, holding Caleb, meal planning and lots of good memories.

IMG_20150111_162012 IMG_20150111_162221 IMG_20150117_143514