happy halloween





It’s apple time around here.  Somehow we thought it would be a good idea to get 100 pounds of these babies.  So, after a day of apple sauce, dehydrating apple slices, and canning apple slices our pantry is a bit fuller.  The kids were a huge help.  And the chickens were happy with all the leftovers.

We’re mostly just thankful to be home doing regular homestead chores after being evacuated for a week due to a large forest fire about a mile from our house.  It’s still burning, (away from us) so prayers would be appreciated!



We’re loving this fall weather.  We took some time on Saturday to have a little picnic and play in the creek.  We also dug up some pine trees to transplant near our house.  The weather was just perfect.

IMG_2510  IMG_2526  IMG_2570There was just enough water in the creek for a little splashing.  Mason helped daddy dig up the trees and Caleb and I brought buckets of water to them from the creek.  Emma was drawing in her notebook. Caleb was quite the little helper.  He insisted on carrying it himself even though it was too heavy.  It took us about 4 times as long, but we were smiling the whole time.

IMG_2520   IMG_2579

We also picked a bunch of rose hips to dry for tea.  Emma would pick them and hand them to Caleb who would put them in the bag.  Quite the team.  Mason and daddy totally out-picked us though.

  IMG_2556  IMG_2550

They were loving exploring and playing with all the different leaves and twigs they could find.  We are having a little family competition on guessing the number of “nice” days we have left.  Hopefully there’s a few more in the near future!


The end of September is just around the corner and we’re finally just getting into a good routine around here.  We’ve been super busy with the gardens, canning, regular day to day stuff and school.  With so many ways to spend my limited free time (knitting, stamping, baking) I came to the realization yesterday that I haven’t actually mopped my kitchen floor since before school began.  Sweeping…yes.  Mopping…no.  The worst part is that I actually moved all the chairs and shoes and backpacks and legos off the floor and swept it with the intention of mopping one night where I found an extra burst of energy. Then I got distracted.  And we moved the chairs back in for breakfast the next morning.  No mopping.  I’m totally okay with this.

We’re reading.  And coloring.  And having picnics. And watching the leaves change. And creating things with lots of cutting and gluing.  And making smoothies.

Some first day of school pictures:


We also squeezed in a rodeo night at the fair with our cousins and a wedding for Uncle Tim.  We’re loving all our time with family and friends as we gear up for fall.

cornhusk wreath


One of our biggest successes in the garden this year was growing corn.  We got this seed from Montana, called Painted Mountain.   We haven’t really been able to grow a sweet corn for eating, but this variety seems to thrive.  We’re going to grind it into cornmeal once all the ears are dry.

IMG_1846 We had so much fun shucking it because each ear surprised us with its colors.  It was hard to pick a favorite, but we saved a few ears for seed for next year.

The timing was perfect, because we’ve been studying Indians and one activity we wanted to do was corn husk crafts.  We decided to turn those pretty husks into a wreath.

We just twisted them around a piece of wire, holding them on with some twine.

IMG_1864IMG_1862I love the variety of colors!  Happy Fall.