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A few posts from my old blog about building our house and gardens.  Just to keep around:

A Room With(out) a View (November 2009)

We’ve temporarily traded in our beautiful view of the mountains for some lovely plywood and nice, shiny plastic. All the windows on our west wall have been taken out and moved to their new homes in the addition. Also, we have opened up part of the wall to make a doorway to get from the current part of the house to the new part of the house. Ryan has been working so hard (in between his real job, being sick, and helping with Mason) on our house. I love him even more for it. He is awesome. Really. It’s a lot harder for me to help him now with Mason, but I just keep going back and forth from Mason to him, helping when I can. And spending time with my two favorite guys.

 One of the living room windows, coming out.

The bedroom window: gone!

The windows in their new places. We still have 4 more windows to cut in. The south side of the addition. The doors and one window are in the living room, and the far window is one of the new bedrooms.

And the opening that goes from our current living room to the new addition. It’s pretty crazy, but just another fun adventure!

Have a happy day!

Going Green (and Purple…) (August 2009)

…in the garden that is! Here are a few snapshots of what’s growing right now…a wonderful mix of greens and purples. Here is our first little bunch of potatoes. The rest of the plants are not ready to harvest yet. These are called Purple Viking.

Next up, some zucchini, green onion, and dragon tongue beans.These dragon tongue beans are not only fun to look at with their purple designs, but they are delicious! You can eat them any way you would eat a green bean. Our favorite is sauteed in a pan with a little olive oil and salt and pepper. We’ve also enjoyed lots of fresh spinach this summer. Our plants went to seed not long ago so we’ve pulled them and planted a few more for a fall crop. We’ve learned a lot more this year about what works for us and what doesn’t. I have more to show from the greenhouse (think yellow and orange this time:)

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy your Monday. I’m home with a fussy baby who has a slight fever and a runny nose. Trying to clean house, but mostly snuggling with the little one!

Greenhouse (June 2009)

Can I just say I love our greenhouse? Ryan did such an amazing job building it. I didn’t take a picture from the front, but it is all clear and that is where the sun comes in. I realized looking at the side of it that it doesn’t really look like a typical greenhouse, but I think this part looks cool. It is made mostly of recycled materials! Gotta love that. When we finish our addition, we are going to extend this out and double the space.

When we got home from cutting firewood yesterday we had a salad that was made completely from the greenhouse and garden. Topped with homemade croutons and made from scratch salad dressing. It was such a quick meal, which was nice since we were a little tired from all the wood splitting. It’s pretty fun preparing for winter while enjoying our summer bounty:)

I’m planning on posting some pictures of the garden here soon. I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. We got another load of firewood today and I think we are all ready for a nap:)

Construction (May 2009)

The guys from Cleary came out last week to start putting up the building for our addition. They didn’t finish it before the holiday weekend because of all the rain. They won’t be back to finish it until Tuesday because some of them had a vacation. We are adding on two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a huge living room. Once they finish putting up the building we will finish the rest ourselves. It’s going to be one eventful summer…baby, addition, garden, family, etc. I wouldn’t change any of it though:)


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