little ones

These are some of my posts about the kiddos from my old blog that I want to keep around:

 7 Months (January 2010)

Dear Dad and Mom,

Mason here. You know, the little guy that has rocked your world for the last 7 months. I just wanted to let you both know that I love you so much. That’s why I smile and laugh when you walk into the room. That’s why I cry so you will hold me.

I hear that there are going to be a few new little ones around here soon ( a friend in March, and a cousin in May). I can’t wait because I’m pretty sure that you two don’t really understand what I’m saying, even though I talk and talk. It’s ok that they will both be girls. I’m getting pretty used to it since I get to hang out with Ruby all the time. Pretty soon I will be able to pull her cute little pigtails. Oh, and would you please tell her mom that I’m sorry about the major blowout the other day (daddy told me to do it….something about her making fun of the way he says puree:) Oh, and another thing…mommy….I’m pretty sure I saw daddy leave that bag of dirty clothes in the back of the truck. He said something about a frozen surprise for you.

This is me contemplating a life surrounded by girls.

Daddy says when I’m older, it will be a good thing.

Thank you for all the new fruits and vegetables you are feeding me. I haven’t tried one yet that I don’t like. But of course I’m a lot more interested in what’s on your plates and in your glasses. Won’t you please share with me? This time I’ll only drool a little bit into your cup.
Thanks for all the fun baths. And they really are fun now that I can wiggle about more and reach for my toys. Splashing is pretty fun too.
I’m pretty sure that Daisy and Java have figured out that I’m their new master. We have a great way of communicating. I tell them what to do and they lick my hand in submission. I taught them to guard my toys, blankets, and pillows while I’m napping. It’s ok. Really. I don’t mind sharing with them.

What do you think of my new game? I call it “Guess What Position I’ll Wake Up In.” I love flipping, flopping, rolling over and sticking my feet up in my sleep. Hey, at least I’m sleeping. Thanks for such a big crib to move around in. It’s fun to make you laugh in the morning when you see how I’ve landed. You really should take some pictures so you don’t forget.

Can you believe how much I’m moving around? Since you’re rookie parents (I put in to be the youngest, but oh well…I guess I can teach you the ropes) I should remind you not to leave me unattended unless I’m on the floor or buckled into something safe. You see I’m forever toppling over, reaching for things, and just trying to figure out exactly what to do with my arms and legs.

I’m glad you find me so entertaining! You keep laughing and I’ll keep being the center of attention, ok?

You really are the coolest parents ever. (Mommy told me to say that.)



First Christmas (December 2009)

We had a great Christmas. We were blessed to be able to spend time with both families. Even though Ryan was sick (grocery store runs for 7-up and juice) and Mason was a little fussy and plugged up (grocery store runs for prune juice) we enjoyed our holiday. But, it’s good to be back home:)

Mason impressed us all with his little drummer boy ability and entertained himself at Grandpa’s and Grammie’s with a paper plate and measuring spoon. He even helped open a few presents. He is loving all his new toys!

At Papa’s house we whipped out the Christmas costumes. He was a good sport while we all laughed and took pictures. He provided more than enough entertainment.

It was so wonderful to celebrate his first Christmas with friends and family. During all the visiting, opening presents, playing games, and laughing, it’s important to remember that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

May you have a wonderful and blessed New Year!

6 Months (December 2009)

Dear Mason,

You have been such a blessing during this trying month. In the midst of sadness, you bring pure, innocent joy. It amazes me that you do not know pain or sin yet in your precious life. We have watched you grow in so many ways and it’s hard to believe you are half a year old.

We have spent a lot of time with family this month and you are loving every minute of being loved on! You are such a people person.

You love going for walks and being outside. And you are already borrowing daddy’s clothes!

At six months, Mason, you:

~still drool like crazy                                                                                                             ~can roll over both ways                                                                                                    ~can sit by yourself, leaning forward on your hands to support you              ~love to be held upside-down, and be tossed in the air

~talk to us all day long                                                                                                 ~sleep through the night                                                                                                    ~love your spinach                                                                                                         ~love when Java licks your hands and feet                                                        ~always fall asleep in the car                                                                                              ~love to touch faces and pull on beards (especially daddy’s)                                    ~love to sleep on your side                                                                                         ~really like to play in your exersaucer                                                                              ~get excited when we walk into the room                                                             ~love to be around people, especially family

We love you so much, Mason and look forward to the next 6 months. You’re going to learn so much.

xoxo,                                                                                                                                   daddy & mommy

5 Months (November 2009)

How did another month already pass us by? I must admit though, that I’m looking forward to November. Already this month has filled me with a sense of gratitude for all the blessings in my life. I’m looking forward to spending time with you, Mason, and enjoying every little bit of you. You are growing up too fast:)

We love to watch you play on the floor. You are pretty content most days with a blanket and a toy or two


We still love your sweet expressions


You started eating rice cereal just a few days ago. You seem to like it.

You still drool like crazy…waiting for those teeth:)

 You have been helping with dinner a lot lately. A little tired maybe? Please ignore my work clothes. I’m taking a break from working on the addition to make chipotle turkey burgers. Yum!

At 5 months, you

~smile and flirt with anyone that will look at you                                                        ~love to touch my face and pull daddy’s beard                                                      ~are starting to show interest in your books and toys                                            ~are so close to rolling from your back to your tummy, but are pretty content to just lay on your side once you get there                                                                    ~can sit up with support                                                                                                  ~smile every time I kiss your cheek                                                                                 ~laugh all the time                                                                                                             ~are very interested in glasses of any drink, you love to reach out and hold them while we are drinking                                                                                               ~take 2 naps a day, one long and one short                                                                   ~love to watch your doggies and smile when they lick you                             ~entertain yourself with this high-pitched squeal noise (oh, and out in public too!) you sure know how to get people to look at you:)

You are such a sweet, happy baby. We love you so much!

xoxo,                                                                                                                                    mommy

Sorta Tired (October 2009)

Being the mom of an almost-5-month old goes hand in hand with just being tired. But, these last two weeks, I’ve been a little more tired than usual.

 Maybe it’s because I went back to work last week. I have an awesome class, but getting up early and devoting time and energy to my classroom is taking a bit of a toll.

Maybe it’s because my sister and I drove to South Dakota last weekend for a whirlwind trip to visit my dad. He’s in the hospital and it seems to be one thing after another.

Maybe it’s because I’ve spent many hours thinking about and praying for my dad. Maybe it’s because crying makes your eyes tired.

 But, even in the middle of all the tired-ness I feel a peace and comfort that only God can provide. I am so thankful that Mason got to go meet his Papaw. In that short time, lots of memories were made. I’m thankful for a job that I love. And I’m thankful for a sweet sister. God is good.
 And, on a lighter note…at least one of us is sleeping:)

His new favorite thing is to sleep with his arms up by his head. I love it:)

4 Months (October 2009)

Already? It’s hard to believe. Sometimes it seems like you’ve been a part of our lives forever…and it’s hard to remember what life was like without you. Other times I notice just how small you are and that you’ve only been here with us for a short time, with so much yet to learn.

You still continue to amaze us with your array of cute faces! And you’ve become a constant “talker.” For most of the day now you can be heard from any room. We love it!

You’ve had your fair share of volleyball games (watching your cousins) and football games this month. For the most part you are a pretty good sport. Giving lots of smiles to those around you. And you put up with being passed around from family member to family member and friends.

But every once in awhile, you’ve just had enough:)

We are so blessed that you are such a good sleeper. You’ve slept through the night many times. You will often talk yourself to sleep after we lay you in your crib. It’s fun to listen to you during that time in the evenings. Ryan and I get a little time to ourselves… with your cheerful chatting in the background and a few minutes later when we check on you there’s your soft breathing. Of course we’ve had those days where you won’t take a nap at all, and you can be one big fuss! But they are few and far between.

At four months, you:

~will hold and play with some of your toys                                                             ~are drooling like crazy (you can drench a onesie in no time!)                         ~are a pro at rolling over from your stomach to your back                                      ~sleep through the night (most of the time)                                                           ~laughed for the first time (at daddy:)                                                                               ~still fall asleep in the car                                                                                                 ~get scared when someone sneezes (especially if they’re holding you)       ~had your first major cold/sickness                                                                            ~make new noises all day long                                                                                     ~love to stare at and play with your hands                                                                     ~will fight naptime if we have family visiting (you don’t want to miss a thing)  ~will tolerate your swing, but prefer to be held                                                             ~are liking your baths                                                                                                     ~are interacting so much with those around you                                                       ~smile at me when I say your name

I know I say this every month, but you are such a blessing. I never want to take you for granted. Every day with you is full of moments to cherish.

xoxo,                                                                                                                                   mommy

3 Months (September 2009)

Happy 3 months, Mason. What a sweetheart you are! You love to smile and make happy faces, but you can turn fussy in a split second:)

You also have a very serious side. You furrow your little eyebrows and just stare. I don’t know how many people look at you and then say, “he’s so serious.” We love it. What are you thinking about??

At 3 months, you:

~have outgrown your cradle (you’re too long!) and have moved into your crib  ~can see yourself in the mirror on the headrest in the car and smile at yourself                                                                                                                                   ~can hold your head up                                                                                                 ~can roll over from your tummy to back and almost from your back to tummy ~love to smile                                                                                                                    ~take two good naps a day                                                                                                  ~love your pacifier, but will suck on your fist and arm when you find them   ~have become quite the drooler!You add so much joy to our daily lives. You are such a good baby and we love you more and more each day.

xoxo,                                                                                                                                         mommy

Two Months (August 2009)

Little Mason, you are two months old today.

We have so much fun watching all your different expressions. You love to lay on the floor and can entertain yourself for a time. You seem to be exploring the world around you with those big eyes. You have met lots of new people this month and are pretty easygoing in new settings, but at times you can get overwhelmed if there is a lot going on.

You had your first overnight visit to Aunt Kati’s and Uncle Chris’ house. We had so much fun! You love the tummy turtle mat that they bought you, but you spend most of the time on your back not your tummy since you always roll over.

At two months, Mason:

~you weigh 10 pounds and are 22 1/2 inches long                                                 ~you are full of smiles                                                                                                           ~you will hold your rattle if we put it in your hand                                                      ~you sleep 7 or 8 hours a night, and still love your cradle                                         ~you are still getting used to the idea of baths                                                             ~you still roll over from your tummy to your back                                               ~you found your hands and like to suck on your fist                                         ~you love to have your feet rubbed

 We love you! You continue to bring us so much joy and we are blessed to have you as part of our family.
 xoxo,                                                                                                                             mommy

One Month (July 2009)

Well, I am a couple days late in posting this seeing as you turned one month on July 8th. Life has just been a little busy these days, but I figure better late than never!

At one month, Mason, you:

~sleep in your cradle at night, for 4, 5, or 6 hours at a time (thank you!)          ~are starting to smile                                                                                                       ~can roll over from your tummy to your back                                                       ~love to snuggle                                                                                                             ~recognize your mommy’s and daddy’s voice                                                   ~almost always fall asleep in the car                                                                                ~like to go for walks in your stroller                                                                                 ~are long and thin ( we love your little chicken legs:)                                                ~are starting to coo and make noises other than crying                                     ~are changing so much everyday

This month has flown by. You bring such pure joy to our lives. We love you!!

Love,                                                                                                                                   mommy

He’s Here (June 2009)

Here is our little boy, Mason Robert. We are so happy that everything went so well. It still feels a little unreal though…to think that this sweet baby boy is ours:) We are so thankful for this great blessing from God. We are also thankful that he is healthy and we are all home enjoying time together before daddy has to go back to work
. He was 7 lbs and 3 oz and 20 inches long. We was born on Monday June 8th at 11:35 am. He is beautiful in every way. Ryan and I couldn’t stop looking at him when they first placed him on my belly. So many thoughts and emotions were going through my head and yet everything also seemed sort of blank, like time just stopped. I don’t think I will ever forget that feeling.

Like I mentioned, we’ve been enjoying our time together. We haven’t gotten much done except cuddling with little Mason. Oh, and of course all the feedings, changing diapers, baths, and such. We are loving every minute. Thank you so much for all your kind thoughts and prayers as we waited for him to arrive.

5 Years (June 2009)

Happy anniversary Ryan! It’s crazy to think that 5 years ago we were walking down the aisle and celebrating with friends and family. I think of all the adventures we’ve had over the years and it just fills me with joy. God has blessed us in so many ways and I am so thankful for my wonderful husband. It feels so good to be where we are!

Happy Easter (April 2009)

What a day to celebrate! Christ the LORD is risen! Ryan and I were able to go to my papa’s house and celebrate with family. We had such a wonderful time visiting together and sharing a yummy meal.

We spent a great deal of time feeling that energetic little boy moving around! My cousins and sister couldn’t keep their hands off my belly:) I totally understand as I seem to keep my hands there quite often too! We are so looking forward to meeting you sweet baby boy!

6 Months (February 2009)

This picture just cracks me up! Ryan got such a funny angle:) I thought it would be fun to make a little list of numbers from this week.

 2~the number of times I have had to get up in the middle of the night to EAT something!                                                                                                                         4~the number of backrubs Ryan has so kindly given                                                  10~the number of people who have come up and touched/rubbed my belly                                                                                                                                    8~the number of those people who are second grade girls from school:)             17~(I’m rounding up*wink*) the number of people who have asked if we have a name picked out yet (the answer is still no)
5~the number of people who have asked when I’m due
3~ the number of those people who I actually know
1~ the number of walks I’ve taken (wish this number was a little higher….)    6~ the number of pounds I’ve gained since my last appointment
 3~ the number of friends who have given me maternity clothes to borrow (thanks!)
32~the average number of times I roll over during the night because my hips hurt
5~ the number of other people that have felt the baby move
too many to count~ the number of times I’ve felt a wiggle/kick/punch etc. So very cool!



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