snow day

We’re enjoying a little snow day here on the homestead.  It just keeps falling and we just keep making more coffee.  IMG_1145

The kids are traveling back and forth between our house and the neighbor’s house.




The ducks have even ventured out to see what’s going on.  The chickens?  Not so much.

It finally feels more like winter around here.


it’s fowl around here

There’s lots going on with the birds around here.  The meat birds are feathering out nicely.  We’ve only lost two so far.  They are in a small coop that one of our neighbors gave to us.  We’re hoping one of the barred rock roosters turns out nice enough to keep around.  IMG_2463The layers have been out and about doing their foraging thing.  They’ve also started laying their eggs somewhere outside of the coop.  Which means instead of about 14 eggs a day we’re getting about 7.  Which means every day we send the kids out to solve the mystery of the hidden eggs.  We’ve only found one spot that seems to be frequented by an araucana.  The pile of blue/green eggs was the giveaway.  Besides that, they don’t give us too much trouble.  They seem to be leaving the potatoes alone, which is really the only thing besides trees that isn’t fenced.  They don’t bother the kittens either.   IMG_2467

And our new addition this year: ducks!  They are hilarious.  And filthy.  And amusing.  And stinky.  They keep us really entertained as they travel around the property in a flock.  They pretty much move as one.  As one quacking, waddling group.  So funny.  They seem to like to be left alone. IMG_2478 IMG_2481We got about half meat birds and half layers.  So, we’ll be learning about butchering duck and cooking it up.  It’s exciting to learn something new and increase our food options.  The best part is we know where it’s coming from.



Caleb’s riding buddy!  We’ve had lots of fun with the barn cats lately.  We noticed a little while ago that No No was pregnant.  We now have 4 little kittens to add to the mix.  One is black and the other three are orange.  She found the safest place she could I suppose….the very top shelf in the garage in an empty box.  Now to figure out how to move them into the barn!

one egg, two egg

Check out this egg! IMG_20150301_175857We have a little henny (as Emma calls them) that is laying some huge eggs.  They hardly fit in the egg carton.  They usually have a double yolk.  The fun just never ends with these birds. IMG_20150301_180019_edit IMG_20150301_175944_editWe seemed to have chose poorly with the rooster that we decided to keep.  He’s quite the mean fellow.  So, it looks like we’ll be butchering one more.  It’s almost time to order more meat birds, so we’ll try again.  Oh, the chicken drama.



IMG_1720 IMG_1787

We have two cute little additions to the homestead.  Meet Pebbles and Bam Bam.  Well, they started out as Pebbles and Bam Bam before we knew that they were both female.  Then Emma decided to rename them Yes Yes and No No.  So, depending on the day, they may get called various names.

I don’t really care what we call them as long as they earn their keep.  So far I’ve seen one mouse meet its fate.  They are super friendly and follow us all around, keeping us company (along with the chickens) while we work.  They even let us pick them up and they purr like crazy.  Not bad for “barn cats.” Keep up the good work little ones!