This sweet boy turned 3 today!  Another year older and we just love him more and more.


You make us laugh every day.  You are so verbal, talking in very long, complete sentences.  You say the silliest and the smartest things.  You are keenly aware of what is going on around you and don’t miss a thing.  I love the way you talk about Emma and Mason as “my brother and my sister.”  As in, “what are my brother and my sister doing right now?”  Or, “is my brother and my sister being naughty?” For such a talkative guy at home, you are very shy everywhere else.  You don’t say a single word in the nursery at church or when someone you don’t really know tries to talk to you.


You love to follow your brother and sister around. You chase them up and down the road while they are riding their bikes.  You squirt them with squirt guns, knock over their lego creations and basically get right in the middle of whatever they are doing.  Depending on the minute, they either love this or hate this.  You love being outside.  You will play in water or dig in mud for hours.  You really love playing baseball or kicking a soccer ball.  Of all my kids you are the least afraid of the playground or park equipment and will try just about anything.

We celebrated your birthday (and your brother’s) with a family hike and picnic with the grandparents and cousins.  You were a great hiker, hiking the entire way up hill, then wanting to be carried and eventually falling asleep back downhill.  You love spicy foods, including pickled garlic and crystallized ginger.  You love all breakfast foods and hardly eat any dinner unless it’s spaghetti.

You love to look at books, listen to books, and make up your own stories. You love to snuggle with your blanket and stuffed animals.  You really are such a sweet, funny boy and we love you so much!  Happy Birthday!




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