19ish months

It seemed like time for a little update on the littlest guy in the family.  Long gone are the monthly posts of that first year….it’s hard to believe we’re heading towards the big 2!

Caleb, you are learning and changing so much every day we can hardly keep up with you.  New words keep popping out of your mouth and Ryan and I just stare at each other in disbelief that you are talking so much.  Water, chicken, kitty, and milk still require our secret decoding parenting skills but other words are as clear as can be:  see, cold, grandpa, more, and just today at lunch: right!

Emma is memma and Mason is some combo of daddy/brother/maymay.

You are really good at understanding what we are saying to you.  You will go get your shoes, throw things away, find your blanket, pick up your toys, and recently tell us you went potty (say what?)

You love to be outside and play with your toys.  You love to have your hair combed.  You are still super snuggly.  You are the first one up in the mornings and usually start right in on a banana or some yogurt.  You love to help carry in firewood.  You are very observant of others around you and are the first to give a hug to someone who’s hurt or go get a towel when you spill something.  You love to look at books and have them read to you.

We love you Caleb buddy.  We’re looking forward to everything you will take on this year and are cherishing these last few baby moments before you get too big!