Our first camping trip of the summer.  We met Ryan’s brother’s family just outside of Flagstaff, Arizona.  The cousins had a great time playing.  Besides a day trip to the Grand Canyon we filled the days with hiking, pinecone battles, floating homemade canoes, shooting bows and arrows, playing school, and enjoying being together.  We filled the nights with s’mores, listening to Mason and Emma in the tent, watching their shadows in the lantern light and talking around the campfire.  Just about perfect.



We recently bought some land from our neighbors at the end of our road.  They are a retired couple that have lived here for quite a while.  We see the husband quite often as he rides his horse down our road checking cattle or drives his tractor to plow out neighbors.  The kids are usually outside playing and they always stop to wave and say hello.

At the closing we were sitting around the table chatting and exchanging stories.  The wife starts to laugh and asks her husband to tell us the nicknames he’s given our kids.  Mason is little R.  Caleb is just baby.  And Emma is…Hollywood.  Ryan and I are still laughing about that one.  Nail.hit.on.head.



Caleb’s riding buddy!  We’ve had lots of fun with the barn cats lately.  We noticed a little while ago that No No was pregnant.  We now have 4 little kittens to add to the mix.  One is black and the other three are orange.  She found the safest place she could I suppose….the very top shelf in the garage in an empty box.  Now to figure out how to move them into the barn!



Look who’s six! He’s been looking forward to his birthday for months.  We planned a double birthday party along with Caleb and the theme was wildlife.  Mason was super excited about the elk, bear, and moose.  He also loved sharing his day with Caleb and says he wants to do it again next year.  It’s hard to believe how fast this young man is growing up.


We love so many things about you at this age.  You love to learn and remember the most random facts.  You devour books, fiction and non-fiction alike.  You are constantly telling us some new fact that you learned.  You are sure enjoying the world around you.  You can see the big picture and make some really great connections.  You love school and are so ready for first grade.


You love to play outside.  You joined T-ball this summer and are having a blast.  You spend most of your outside time building forts and ships, making rivers, playing pirates, or playing in the mud.  You spend most of your inside time playing Legos, drawing, bouncing balls, reading, cutting and gluing some project, or helping around the house.  Often you wake up before anyone else and can be found snuggled with a blanket on the couch, reading.  You are our best sleeper and fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.


You are really good at figuring out how things work.  You have a knack for logic puzzles and are pretty literal.  You love games and would play one every day if you could.  Some of your favorites are Yatzee, Qwirkle, Monolopy, Life, and Scrabble.


We love so much about you, from your sweet spirit and caring nature to your loud, crazy all boy fun.  You love to take care of your sister and brother and are a great role model for them.  You read your bible and want to know about Jesus. You bring so much joy to our house and we love you more each day.  We are so proud of you, Mason!