Happy Birthday Caleb Boy!! One year old!  It sure came fast.


It’s been such a great year with you joining our family.  You are such a sweet boy and just fit right in with your brother and sister.  Life is crazy busy…full of all the day to day family things and lots of extra things too, but having you right in the midst of it just feels perfect.

IMG_2309You are sure taking in everything around you these days.  You don’t want to miss anything and follow us all around the house.  You are pulling yourself up on everything you can get your hands on and are walking around only by pushing things in front of you.  It won’t be long before you’re off and running.

You love being outside.  You giggle whenever the breeze gets your face.  Your little wisps of hair still stand up now and then.  You love to play with rocks, sticks, leaves and anything else you find in the dirt.  Romping around in the yard and covering as much ground as possible sure keeps you busy. IMG_2303

You’re still a good eater.  You aren’t very picky.  Right now you are loving any kind of meat, scrambled eggs, fruit, couscous, sandwiches, and spaghetti.  You are transitioning to milk and drink it up.  You are trying to figure out the spoon and try very hard to get food on it before putting it in your mouth.  You’re getting better with a cup too.

You love to chase balls around the place.  You are good at throwing them and rolling them and love when someone sits down to pass them back to you.  You love to shake your head back and forth and this is usually accompanied by some serious laughs.  You also love to get in the middle of whatever your sister and brother are working on and all activities (coloring, Legos, cutting and gluing) have moved from the floor to the kitchen table.  You also love to open cupboards and drawers and will spend a long time playing with Emma’s kitchen when she’s in a sharing mood.


A few things about you at one year old:

  • you still take 2 naps
  • you mostly sleep through the night, but are an early riser
  • you have 4 teeth
  • you love to “walk” while holding our hands
  • you giggle, shriek, and talk a lot (mostly mama, bye bye, bubba, and recently uh-oh)
  • you wave at people (usually with your hand facing yourself)
  • you weigh 19 pounds
  • you love to spend time in the greenhouse and outside
  • you like to hit Mason and Emma on the head, playfully
  • you like to open and close doors
  • you love baths


What a wonderful year Caleb!  And what a wonderful boy you are.  We love you more and more!



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