11 months

Happy 11 months sweet Caleb!  IMG_2266How did another month just pass by?  It’s really hard to believe that a year ago I was busy making sub plans and wondering if you were going to be a boy or girl! Now we can’t imagine our life without a little brother bopping around. IMG_2282You love to be out in the greenhouse and outside.  You are really good at navigating the step down into the greenhouse and back up.  You are fast these days too.  You are pulling yourself up on just about anything you can grab.IMG_2273

IMG_2268This month has been the month of teeth…and they are still just barely in…but those top two teeth are finally making their appearance.  You are definitely holding the record for longest-for-teeth-to-come-in.  We even had a visit to the doctor for what we were sure was an ear infection/virus/something that turned out to just be an insane fever and those stubborn teeth.  They sure are cute though.

Even though you made your big debut of your first word as “mama,” Daddy has passed me by as your favorite person this month.  Unless I just get home from work, when you make the mad dash to me as quick as you can, squealing and giggling.  But otherwise you reach for daddy more often than not.  You fit perfectly on his shoulder.  You also spend your fair share of time with him during the night although we’ve had a few more sleeping-through-the-nights.  Nothing too crazy though.  We sound like a broken record: “as soon as these teeth come in!”  You sure know how to make a fool out of us.  It’s not like it’s our third time doing this or anything.

At 11 months, Caleb you:

  • have figured out the whole waving and “bye-bye” combo
  • say “mama” and various other sounds and coos
  • are slowing down a bit on the ravenous eating, but still eat pretty much a big variety of foods, and especially like asparagus, oatmeal, eggs, meat, and red peppers
  • can miraculously still fit into some 3-6 month clothes and maybe, maybe tip the scale at 18 pounds
  • crack up at the silliest things and pretty much your laughter is the best sound in the world
  • take 2 good naps
  • love the car and the stroller
  • put up with a lot of being picked up by Mason and Emma
  • love to open drawers and cupboardsIMG_2279

We love you so much, Caleb.  These past 11 months have been such a joyful time with you just fitting right into our family.  I’m savoring all these fleeting “baby” moments.



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