10 months

IMG_2215Happy 10 months sweet Caleb!  You got to share your 10 month milestone with Emma’s 4th birthday.  Emma insisted on having a “Strawberry Shortcake – Caleb” birthday for weeks, but it wasn’t really because you were 10 months old.  It was because she wanted to hold you all day long on her birthday.  They do love you, your big brother and sister.

IMG_2208You are definitely all about moving this month.  You hardly stay put anymore.  Even when you are playing with your toys you are so busy pushing/rolling them and then chasing them all around the house.  Your favorite place is in Emma’s room.  She’s not so fond of that and has been keeping her door closed pretty much all day long.  You are starting to sit on your knees more and pull yourself up on occasion.

You pretty much feed yourself now.  You like to hold your spoon and play with it, but don’t really care to be fed.  You still love to eat just about anything we give you.  You are getting better with a cup too.

You sleep through the night as long as you’re not teething or fighting off a cold.  You still only have the two bottom teeth, but those top ones are on their way.  You are most happy with mom or dad, but do great with everyone else as long as you can’t see the aforementioned favorite people.  You are starting to “talk” more and more.  Mostly ba-ba-ba.

IMG_2211For some reason this month really zoomed by.  It seems like just yesterday I was trying to sum up all of your 9-month self.  I’m trying to ignore the fact that you’re going to be one soon.  These tiny moments just need to be bottled up!

At 10 months, Caleb, you:

  • crack up all the time
  • are super wiggly when getting your diaper changed
  • love your baths, but hate to be laid down in the water
  • love to tap on things with your hands or toys
  • take 2 naps
  • love to ride in the car
  • also love to go for walks
  • follow Emma and Mason all around
  • get a little scared of Daisy if she gets too close
  • giggle when you’re bounced or tossed in the air
  • can destroy any just-picked-up room in seconds
  • are still long and skinny (I love you’re little chicken arms!)
  • just fill us up with love!

IMG_2198You are just too much, Caleb!  We love, love you sweet boy!



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