IMG_2225It’s really  hard to believe this sweet girl is four.  Seriously.  How did four years just fly by?  It’s sure been a whirlwind of adventure! IMG_2219 Emma-girl we just love so much about you.  You are just as feisty as ever.   We joke that the line from a country song “sunshine mixed with a little hurricane” pretty much sums you up.  We love your endless energy and cheerful face.  We find ourselves trying to navigate this whole parenting thing with your strong will and surprise emotions.  We always end the day with hugs and laughs at your antics though.   IMG_2231

Some of your favorite things right now include your bear blanket and baby doll.  You love cowgirl boots and twirly skirts.  You love to be outside, except for those silly hennies and that rooster.  You bring your rooster-gettin’ umbrella out to protect you.  You love your brothers too.  Playing with Mason and taking care of Caleb consume much of your day.  You love to wave at the window whenever anyone leaves.  And you still love to be held.

You have a knack for procrastination.  It takes you a loooong time to get dressed, but you love to do it all by yourself.  You look at every single pair of pants, dresses, and skirts you own before making a choice.  Then you look at all your shirts.  Then it’s the accessories.  You have a quirky sense of style that we love.  You can also drag out bedtime with the best of them.  We sing a song and pray and then you have to tell me oh-so-many-important-things before I can get out of your room.  I do love your wrap around the neck hugs and sweet snuggles.

Most mornings when we ask how you slept you reply with “I didn’t sleep at ALL!”  And you’ve also been known to shovel food into our mouth while saying, “I don’t really like this, but I guess I’ll eat it.”  You do eat most things though. You don’t care for oranges, cantaloupe, or peaches but everything else is fair game.  Your favorites are mac and cheese, applesauce, spaghetti, and fried eggs.


You love to sing and dance.  You make up lots of songs and ballet moves.  You also love to play with your kitchen, build with legos, and draw and color.  You know all your letters and numbers and will write up all sorts of lists and letters to people.  You are really good at putting together puzzles.  You crack us up with the words you use.  Your play is definitely influenced by having an older brother.  Most games turn into some sort of hunting, battle, or some other endeavor where you need your sword.  IMG_2247

You are learning so much about everything around you.  You are a constant joy to us.  These past four years have been nothing short of blessing after blessing with you.  We love you more than you will ever know.



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