nine months

imageThis last week got away from us and I’m just a little late on this post.  Between dinner with friends, family birthday parties and report cards and assessments at school, here we are arriving at nine months and one week.   imageCaleb, we say this every month, but we love watching you grow up so much.  You are such a delight.  You are still such a happy, squealing baby.  And there’s lots of squeals if anyone tries to take you away from mama.  You are in that clingy stage that I love, but makes for some awkward moments with other friends and family members. imageYour favorite things these days are playing with your toys and eating.  You love to pick up all your toys and put them in your little toy box and take them back out again.  You are learning to turn pages in books (and tear out a few…) and push all the different buttons on your toys that fill our house with sound. You’ve definitely become mobile this month.  You spent the first half doing some inch worm moves.  You would get up on all fours and then lunge forward landing on your belly and then do it again. Just this week you finally figured out the crawling-for-real thing.  You have mastered going from laying down to sitting up.  Often when we come into your room now you are sitting up in your crib, which still catches me by surprise. Oh, and the eating.  For such a little guy, you sure can pack it in.  You mostly feed yourself now and are gradually moving on from the homemade baby food to more table foods.  You eat a solid three meals a day and I’m not sure where you put it in your tiny 17 pound body (ringing in at the 5th percentile.)  I guess you burn a lot of calories with all you’re busy doing. imageYou’re a little magnet for your brother and sister who can’t seem to stay away from you.  You’re starting to tell them how you feel with your screams and giggles.  It’s hit or miss on whether they can cheer you up or send you into a fit.  They sure do love you though.  Just this morning, you woke up and were sitting in your crib fussing.  Mason read you his Bible and sang you songs to your delight. And Emma’s the ultimate “helper.” image At 9 months, you:

  • are 28 inches long and weigh just over 17 pounds
  • love the car
  • take two naps
  • mostly sleep through the night
  • love eggs, fruit, vegetables, oatmeal and cottage cheese
  • are constantly pulling me and Emma’s hair and jewelry
  • can get anywhere you want to go
  • love to cuddle up on our shoulders
  • watch what Emma and Mason are up to
  • wave your arms and legs when you get really excited
  • smile and giggle
  • clap
  • love to splash in the bath tub

We love you so much Caleb.  It’s hard to believe we’re heading towards that first year mark. xoxo, mommy


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