8 months

Happy 8 months, Caleb boy! IMG_2139  We just keep getting closer to that one year mark.  We’ve decided that you’re our happiest baby!  Mason and Emma were plenty happy, but you seem to be all smiles all the time.  You get fussy when you’re tired (or if mom dares to leave the room), but it doesn’t last long.

You’re on a much better schedule these days.  You take two naps and are hit and miss with sleeping through the night.  You love to eat and have been trying lots of new foods.  You haven’t really had anything you don’t like, but you prefer if the carrots and lentils are mixed with something else.

Your sweet face lights up when mom or dad walk into the room.  You like to watch Mason and Emma, but you are starting to let them know how you feel about them always getting into your space.  They just can’t seem to stay away.

You love to sit up and play with your toys.  You often move from sitting up to laying down and reach and reach for the things around you.  You have some great pivot moves and still primarily roll to get around.

IMG_2159 At 8 months, you:

  • sit like a pro
  • love to eat
  • have 2 teeth
  • are just starting to scoot around
  • push yourself up on your hands, and are thinking about getting your legs going
  • have the best smile
  • can pick up food and feed yourself
  • drink from a sippy cup, if we hold it
  • still love to roll over
  • play with lots of toys

IMG_2168We love you!




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