2 weeks in

Well, we’re officially two weeks into the big return to school.  So far, Mason is loving kindergarten.  He fits right in with his class and has made lots of new friends.  He’s blowing his teachers away with his reading and math skills.  (He totally spent his entire quiet time on Friday counting to 1,000.  He then counted to 1,099 and jumped to 2,000. Not bad!) His favorite time of the day is PE.


Caleb and Emma are loving being at home with Grammie.  Caleb is finally on a great schedule and is sleeping much better.

We’re slowly finding our new routine.  Mason and I are usually out the door just as the sun is peeking over the horizon.  I’m loving our little chats on the way to and from school.  My classroom is all energy (with lots of boys) and they’re making a lot of progress switching from the sub’s way of doing things (just surviving) into my routines and procedures.  It’s going to be a great second half of the year.  Upon my return home it’s dinner with a happy (but clingy) baby on my hip and a sweet girl standing on the chair next to me, helping and soaking up some mom time.

My three-day weekends are just about awesome!  We seem to fill them up quickly with lots of games, making bread and granola, reading books, coloring, making baby food, playing, laundry, holding Caleb, meal planning and lots of good memories.

IMG_20150111_162012 IMG_20150111_162221 IMG_20150117_143514


One thought on “2 weeks in

  1. Look at Mason!!! He looks like such a big kid with his backpack on! Love, love, love that he’s killin’ Kinder and speaking of killin’…Emma owns me right now with her sunglasses on. Sooo cute!!!!!


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