Christmas in California

We traded snowfall, cold temperatures, and Christmas traditions at home for sunshine, cousins, Christmas lights on palm trees, and the beach.  We spent the last two weeks visiting Ryan’s brother and his family in California.  Our time was full of board games, walks, cookies, collecting treasures at the beach, coffee, Bible stories, playing soccer and visiting the aquarium.  A house full of 6 kids meant there never was a dull moment and the level of energy and emotions (especially for a certain 3 year old) was unforgettable.  We are so thankful for the time we got to spend with our sweet nieces and Uncle Luke and Aunt Caroline.

It was the first time seeing the ocean for the kiddos and they were super impressed.  Mason kept trying to see to the other side.  Emma promptly fell in after about 2 seconds and kept a bit of a distance for the remainder of the day.

We came home with lots of memories, sand in our car, and winter coats that we promptly put right back on.  Hope your Christmas was as special as ours!


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