7 months

Sweet Caleb,

You are 7 months old today.  This month really flew by.  They seem to get quicker and quicker.  You are growing and changing so much.  Each day we sure enjoy learning your little quirks and unique personality.

IMG_2086We had a busy month and we spent most of it away from home.  You are a great traveler in the car.  That’s when you do your best sleeping it seems.  Regular naps and sleeping through the night are still a mystery to us.

You are happiest when you are near mom.  Holding you is best, but if that’s not possible ( I can’t do everything with one arm) I must be at least within eyesight.

IMG_2078You’re still long and skinny, even though you eat like crazy.  You can still fit into some 3 month clothes, which is adorable.  You have a closet full of clothes to grow into, but I love that you’re still small and snuggly.


You still love being outside.  We took you to the beach over Christmas and you loved every minute.  When you’re fussy, the sunshine seems to calm you down.

IMG_2088At 7 months, you:

  • can roll over very quickly and can move across a whole room in that fashion
  • are starting to sit up
  • love meal time
  • love to grab your toes and toys
  • still don’t have any teeth
  • love bath time
  • love to pat things (your high chair, mom, your legs)
  • have the best smiles and laughs (I think that’s one of my favorite things about you!)

Caleb, we love you so much.  You are such a fun little guy and watching you cruise through your first year has filled us with so much joy.




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