Christmas in California

We traded snowfall, cold temperatures, and Christmas traditions at home for sunshine, cousins, Christmas lights on palm trees, and the beach.  We spent the last two weeks visiting Ryan’s brother and his family in California.  Our time was full of board games, walks, cookies, collecting treasures at the beach, coffee, Bible stories, playing soccer and visiting the aquarium.  A house full of 6 kids meant there never was a dull moment and the level of energy and emotions (especially for a certain 3 year old) was unforgettable.  We are so thankful for the time we got to spend with our sweet nieces and Uncle Luke and Aunt Caroline.

It was the first time seeing the ocean for the kiddos and they were super impressed.  Mason kept trying to see to the other side.  Emma promptly fell in after about 2 seconds and kept a bit of a distance for the remainder of the day.

We came home with lots of memories, sand in our car, and winter coats that we promptly put right back on.  Hope your Christmas was as special as ours!


7 months

Sweet Caleb,

You are 7 months old today.  This month really flew by.  They seem to get quicker and quicker.  You are growing and changing so much.  Each day we sure enjoy learning your little quirks and unique personality.

IMG_2086We had a busy month and we spent most of it away from home.  You are a great traveler in the car.  That’s when you do your best sleeping it seems.  Regular naps and sleeping through the night are still a mystery to us.

You are happiest when you are near mom.  Holding you is best, but if that’s not possible ( I can’t do everything with one arm) I must be at least within eyesight.

IMG_2078You’re still long and skinny, even though you eat like crazy.  You can still fit into some 3 month clothes, which is adorable.  You have a closet full of clothes to grow into, but I love that you’re still small and snuggly.


You still love being outside.  We took you to the beach over Christmas and you loved every minute.  When you’re fussy, the sunshine seems to calm you down.

IMG_2088At 7 months, you:

  • can roll over very quickly and can move across a whole room in that fashion
  • are starting to sit up
  • love meal time
  • love to grab your toes and toys
  • still don’t have any teeth
  • love bath time
  • love to pat things (your high chair, mom, your legs)
  • have the best smiles and laughs (I think that’s one of my favorite things about you!)

Caleb, we love you so much.  You are such a fun little guy and watching you cruise through your first year has filled us with so much joy.



6 months

Dear Caleb,IMG_1957Happy 6 months, sweet boy!  What a busy month this has been.  Naturally, this is a few days late as we’ve been busy celebrating Thanksgiving with family.

You’ve been a little more fussy than usual this month.  I couldn’t get any pictures without your fingers in your mouth, but no teeth have appeared yet.  You’ve taken to solid foods like a pro, but that hasn’t done you any favors in the filling-your-diaper department and we’re stuffing you full of prunes to ease the discomfort.

IMG_1967You spent your first night away from us when daddy and I drove to Sheridan, WY to pick up a truck.  Some would say it was a long way to go to get some peace and quiet, but we enjoyed it.  Dinner (with wine!) and a full night of sleep.  You did your best to give Grandpa and Grammie a run for their money by not taking your bottles or sleeping.  You did eat lots though, and gave them plenty of cuddles.

IMG_1871You seem to be boycotting sleeping these days.  You hardly nap and you are up two to four times a night.  I’m sure you’re tired, but you have other ideas about how to spend your time.

It’s a good thing you make up for the lack of sleep with lots of giggles and silly faces.  You love to be held and rocked and are most happy with mom these days.  You must know that I have to go back to work soon.  So we’re making the most of this time together.  IMG_1965At 6 months, Caleb, you:

  • roll over often
  • love baths
  • love to eat (oatmeal, acorn squash, apples, pears, and prunes)
  • take one or two (short) naps a day
  • fall asleep in the car
  • weigh about 13 1/2 pounds
  • are just starting to sit up
  • grab on to everything you can reach
  • love to listen to music
  • love to grab your toes
  • put up with a lot of love from Mason and Emma

IMG_1962Sometimes I still can’t believe you are ours.  Another sweet boy.  You are pure delight and we love you!

xoxo,                                                                                                                                                                                               mommy