cornhusk wreath


One of our biggest successes in the garden this year was growing corn.  We got this seed from Montana, called Painted Mountain.   We haven’t really been able to grow a sweet corn for eating, but this variety seems to thrive.  We’re going to grind it into cornmeal once all the ears are dry.

IMG_1846 We had so much fun shucking it because each ear surprised us with its colors.  It was hard to pick a favorite, but we saved a few ears for seed for next year.

The timing was perfect, because we’ve been studying Indians and one activity we wanted to do was corn husk crafts.  We decided to turn those pretty husks into a wreath.

We just twisted them around a piece of wire, holding them on with some twine.

IMG_1864IMG_1862I love the variety of colors!  Happy Fall.



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