an expedition

After spending several weeks studying some frontiersmen, Lewis and Clark, and various expeditions, it’s all we’ve been playing when we go for a walk.  The weather has been beautiful lately so we’ve had time to fit in plenty of expeditions.  IMG_20141014_131512 The big mud puddle by the road in between our neighbor’s house and ours has been declared the Missouri River.  There are a lot of different ways to cross it.  Usually Mason’s bike and Caleb’s stroller turn into a boat.  Otherwise the stroller is our covered wagon.  (We recently checked out a book from the library about a pioneer family, so the pioneer times have been mixed into our expeditions!)

Mason usually brings a cow to haul all the logs we cut to build our house.  Emma brings a milk cow along “for a nice drink on a hot day.”  Their walking sticks are used to hunt the buffalo (our neighbor’s horses) and the red tailed hawks circling above us. We always have plenty of meat. Emma usually wears one of her necklaces to trade beads with the Indians.

When we return from our walk, the play continues on the dirt pile.  Building houses, bunny traps, and gardens.  There is always work to be done on the dirt pile.

IMG_20141021_094332 IMG_20141021_094345Ryan and I decided that it is now necessary to have a dirt pile at all times.  Once we use this one to fill in the floor of the barn we will be getting another one.  I can’t possibly tell you the hours of entertainment this dirt pile has provided.  Often it’s the first thing they need to “work on” after breakfast.  And it’s the last thing they are doing when it’s time to wash up for dinner.  IMG_20141021_154459
It won’t be long before Caleb’s out there joining them.  For now he’s taking it all in from the stroller covered wagon.


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